Dare to Be Different or Blog Hop with Catherine Scanlon

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Today I am playing along with some other wonderful designers in a blog hop with my friend’s Catherine Scanlon’s Stamps. I am so proud of her for having her own designs out and I loved playing with them in my art journal.



You can see all of her fabulous stamp, stencil and die cut designs in the AGW Catalogue here

Catherine Scanlon Designs SNEAK Peak


I used her Annie Paisley Stamp for the background and I loved coloring it in on a piece of music sheet to make one design stand out going along with my sentiment. I also used the Clara Paisley stamp on the right hand side as a nice playful border.



The background was spray painted and I colored in the music sheet after stamping with Derwent Inktense Blocks.



Cat also has two wonderful prices to give away on her blog so make sure to hop along here and check out the other projects that were created with her stamps today:

Thank you so much for stopping by and have an amazing day!



Photos of my Asia Trip: Kuala Lumpur

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After staying in Hong Kong for a couple days we flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The flight is about four hours – so easy peasy after the 16 hours flight from New York to Hong Kong ;)



First glimpse of Malaysia. After a good nights sleep at our wonderful hosts, Val, Penny and their gorgeous Mom, we had a great breakfast the next morning with Val and then went sightseeing. You know for 1 Dollar this was pretty pretty delicious and the coffee was a good starter too :) I will get into food a bit more …hehehee



Since I was teaching at Scrap n Crop for two days (photos are coming soon) and that was actually the main reason for going to Malaysia- I have not done as much sightseeing as my husband but I saw a couple things thanks to Val!



Kuala Lumpur- the Petronas Twin Towers. Pretty impressive as the tallest twin towers in the world. Kuala Lumpur itself is pretty modern. I saw a bit of China Town and Little India- but again- it was more a fly by. It was fun though. It was different from what I would have expected of K.L. I also had some interesting talks with expats living in K.L Besides that there was a lot of talk during the classes. Since the incident with the plane which we all still don’t know what happened with, a lot of people in Malaysia are worrying in how other’s are perceiving Malaysia. All I can say is: You cannot make a judgement about a country, if you have never been there. There is also not a way to put Malaysia into one scheme. Malaysia is a very diverse country and it was interesting to see a glimpse of this. I had a wonderful experience. If you feel the urge to hear about my perspective – I am happy to talk about this in person.


One stop were the Batu Caves in which there is one of the most popular Hindu Shrines outside India. It was impressive and beautiful to be there.




Some of these photos are actually taken by Val…because Knucklehead aka Nat Kalbach forgot her camera in the house! Good one ! So I was taking photos of my cell phone – which well..yeah – ok…whatever ;)




It was quite a hike up those stairs- but beautiful. You have to imagine that at the Thaipusam Festival this becomes a pilgrimage for Hindus worldwide. I am not up for a disclaimer today (kids please do not do this at home!) – but if you wanna read more about the Thaipusam Festival- go ahead! All I say is, I am not complaining about this hike…it can feel worse going up there then just with no burden and without spikes and skewers through my flesh!




Inside the caves were these beautiful temples and figures and the most awesome thing was that there were little natural windows in the caves – giving a beautiful light – it was just stunning




Besides tourists like us


there were also a lot of people praying – so we didn’t take too many photos as to respect this.




As you can see there was also some monkey business going on. These little critters weren’t too friendly btw- they looked cute…but if you came to close they would show you two nice rows of teeth with a kind of a growling “get the heck away from me…or hand me all your food in your bag you upright walking idiot”…at least that is what I heard ;)



The Batu Caves were definitely one of my very faves of the whole trip.



We also visited the Cultural Center in K.L. where we picked up Val’s daughter from a field trip. We played a long like the kids and did some batik coloring- fun! There were lot’s of artist studios in the Cultural Center, most of them are doing batik or wood carving but also quite a lot painting in oil- mostly realistic . It was quite interesting.



We also brought some long awaited rain with us and we spotted this guy on a motor bike in the rain who is a bread seller going from village to village. Speaking of Bread…



Not only was Teo, Val’s and Penny’s Mom an avid bread maker which lead to several hours of conversations between her and my husband (who happens to love to bake bread too) but also did they all love to eat as much as we did and we went to the coolest yummiest places. BTW- I love that picture of Penny and her Mom- too cute!



And ate and drunk non stop – at places we would have probably never found or picked if we would have been there by ourselves.



I can in all honesty say that the food was another one of my faves and I think I have never eaten so much in my life…and…HA…I even dropped weight (cool because the workout clothes never left their initial spot in the suitcase – I am all  in for the dumpling-hawker-street-food-diet ;) )



I also learned that some meals that might sound …ahem..as if you might not like them …like “Fish Head Soup” are actually the most delicious meals in the world (and you can get the soup with Fish Paste – which makes for an easier visual experience). I kid you not, I am still dreaming of this soup…drool. The soup is not in any of the pictures- LOL- but other delicious stuff.



And here I am – relaxed and ready to start teaching my Mixed Media Workshop weekend in Malaysia. Note to self: Tug in your blouse hanger before taking a selfie, knuckle head! ”




Val, Penny and their Mom were just the most amazing hosts! I learned so much about the people and the life in Malaysia…and the food ;) They opened their house and hearts and it was really special for me and my husband. Lot’s of things that we talked about and shared that are hard to write on a blog. I will always cherish this experience and I do know that I will see those 3 again somehow. They will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed the little trip to Malaysia – I will post some photos of the workshops later this week. Until then…have a gorgeous day!!!!





designed by n*Studio features: Limor Webber

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One of the things that make me really giddy is when I spy someone using my new stamps by Stampendous or also my Stencils with StencilGirl Products :) So I thought once in a while I would feature the work of those wonderful talented people with a new Series called: designed by n*Studio features:…..

And today I feature: Limor Webber


Limor Webber is a mixed media artist and educator.  She is a mother of two beautiful little girls that absolutely rule her world and a wife to a supportive husband. Limor is a technique and art medium addict! She can sit in her studio for hours trying to come up with new ideas and techniques that she can share with the world.

I met Limor on the Prima Education team and it has been great fun to be around her and her contagious smile and talent!

And here are some amazing projects that she created using my Stampendous! Signature Stamps and what she wrote about them:



For all you Mixed Media junkies, you know how we all have that one stamp set we keep on reaching for every time we create any project and we say to ourselves,” it’s just not complete without it”.  Well that’s how I feel about all three of these stamp sets!! They never get put away, they have a permanent spot on my craft desk since the day I got them.  The reason I love them so much as you can see is because they make fabulous background effects but can be used in a subtle way or as a more bold focus point on your project.  Do you want to know a little secret that would make your heart sing?! The first day I opened up my sets and I pulled them out…. hiding behind the stamps were some fabulous bonus Stencils!!!!!.  Needless to say they have become my new favorite staple in my creation! way to go Nathalie!!! you sure rocked these stamps sets out!.






Limor also used my stamps on this wonderful scrapbooking page



Thank you so much Limor for sharing those wonderful projects with us. I love how you used the stamps and templates layered up on the tags creating so much depth. And I am for sure in Love with the Layout of your sweet sweet daughter creating such a wonderful shabby chic design.

Please check out Limor’s Blog – she posts a lot of gorgeous tutorials and projects on there and I know you will love it.

If you have done something with my stamps or stencils I would sure love to see :)

Here are the n*Studio Products Limor used:


have a fantastic day!





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