Acrylic Media – Demystified – Workshop in NYC -June 8

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So excited about this class that I always wanted to teach on Acrylic Media- there is so much fun out there – I cannot wait to show you in this in person class at The Ink Pad on June 8, 2014!


Join Nathalie in a day class to explore all kinds of different Acrylic Media – from Dumbledore to Merlin, from Acrylic Paints to Acrylic Inks, from String Gel to Pouring Medium, from Modeling Paste to Stucco and other fun stuff. Learn their magic– and put an end to mystery on how to use these amazing helpers in your Mixed Media and/or Art Journaling projects. Learn not only how to use Acrylic Media and when to use them but also put your own spell into 3 abstract canvases during the class. You will for sure have as much fun waving your new magic acrylic wand in the future as Nathalie!



I will bring for all Students:

Liquitex Pouring Medium, Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste, Liquitex Paint Marker, Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Liquitex String Gel, Liquitex Ceramic Stucco, Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso, Liquitex Natural Sand, Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel – and depending on weather and location – even some Liquitex Spray Paints

Some sneaks?



NatKalbach_Texture03_2 copy NatKalbach_Web_Baby03 NatKalbach_Web_TransferBird02 WebNatKalbach_Texture02_2 WebNatKalbach_Texture02


Find the supply list and other information on this class at The Ink Pad here – I would love to see you!

have a gorgeous day!




Artvergnugen: Spray Ink Splash at The Ink Pad Photos

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This friday I had the pleasure of teaching another Artvergnugen Workshop at The Ink Pad in New York City. Artvergnugen is an ongoing Evening Art Journaling Class – once a month I teach with a different medium or tool and it is loads of fun. This Friday it was all about:



The Dylusions and Lindy’s Stamp Gang were both equally loved- since they are different but both are very vibrant and beautiful it was fun to explore the different techniques and applications you can use them for in an art journal. I do love them both a lot – for different reasons  :)



I must say I love the ongoing concept of the Artvergnugen Class at The Ink Pad – it is a good challenge for me, because I constantly have to adjust to a new medium, it is very technique based and I do have people that have been in the last class but some are new and cannot just pick up at pages from the last Artvergnugen class.



Nice ghosting here, Diane …



and yummie abstract backgrounds that are a perfect base for an art journal page – love it!



I love those girls- they all love to experiment…and get their hands messy ;)



Plus I come out every time inspired by a color combination I have to use in my next project :) Green, Yellow and Pink..oh yes!



Lot’s of stencils used



and smiling faces :) – I cannot wait to see how Karen will finish up this page …



Awesome page by Cheiron picking up a page from last week and continuing with the new techniques- love it!



The next Artvergnugen class will be about: Stencil Madness on April 25. There is a waiting list for this date. The May and June dates and themes will come out soon – Artvergnugen…it is what makes your journal a piece of art :)

If you could attend an Artvergnugen class by me…which medium or tool would you like to play with? We had Stamps, Mono printing and Spray Paints so far :)

Have a gorgeous day



CREATE Mixed Media Retreats in New Jersey

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I am very excited about teaching at Create Mixed Media Retreat in Somerset, NJ. In 2012 I visited the U.S. and took some classes at CREATE and ever since I was dreaming of teaching at that event…so much to my delight…here we go :) (Yes…I am still excited about teaching…YEAH :) )


Click on images to enlarge.


Date & Time Price Materials Fee
Wednesday, July 9 • 9am-4pm $152 $15
Skill Level: Intermediate Technique: Collage & Assemblage
You will leave with… a beautiful finished home decor item and lots of knowledge of techniques that you can apply in future projects.
Description: We will create a wonderful home decor canvas using Acrylic Paints, Stamps and Templates as well as Embossing Media and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Students Should Bring: Please bring 12×12 inch big stretched and pre-gessoed Canvas, 5-8 different colors of Acrylic Paints as well as Black and White Acrylic Paint, (Liquitex) Matte Gel Medium, (Liquitex) Gesso, a water jar, brushes in different sizes and formats, 6-7 cosmetic sponges, a water mister, baby wipes, a paper roll, a craft mat, a heating gun, an apron, scissors, palette paper, black permanent inkpad, versamark embossing pad


Click on images to enlarge.


Date & Time Price Materials Fee
Thursday, July 10• 6-9pm $89 $25
Skill Level: Intermediate Technique: Printmaking & Surface Design
You will leave with… a finished texture art journal and lots of technique ideas for future projects.
Description: Create wonderful texture pages with monoprinting, stenciling and stamping techniques, encrust them with different Embossing Media and bind them together in a beautiful tactile art journal.
Students Should Bring: please bring 3-4 colors of not too thick Acrylic Paint- I prefer Liquitex Soft Body 4 pieces of lettersized sturdy white cardstock or sketch book paper, (Liquitex) White Gesso, Brayer, Rubber Brayer, Black Permanent Ink Pad , Versamark, Heating Gun, 6-7 Cosmetic Sponges, Baby Wipes
Click on images to enlarge.


Date & Time Price Materials Fee
Friday- July 11• 9am-4pm $152 $15
Skill Level: All Levels Technique: Bookmaking & Art Journaling
You will leave with… a load of knowledge about paint media and techniques and various finished pages in your art journal.
Description: Create depth and dimension by adding several layers with different paint and other media to achieve intriguing art journal pages. Learn about different media and playfully explore how to express yourself in your art journal. It’s all about the layers—so come and join us!
Students Should Bring: Please bring 5-8 different colors of Acrylic Paints as well as Black and White Acrylic Paint, (Liquitex) Matte Gel Medium, (Liquitex) Gesso, a white and a black journaling pen, a water jar, brushes in different sizes and formats, a fashion magazine, 2-3 cosmetic sponges, an old credit card, a water mister, baby wipes, a paper roll, a craft mat, optional deli paper, a brayer, an apron, scissors, palette paper, a heat gun, and an/your Art Journal. I use a Ranger Dylusions Journal but you can also use a Strathmore Mixed Media Sketchbook – whatever you prefer to work in.
Click on images to enlarge.


Date & Time Price Materials Fee
Saturday, July 12• 6-9pm $89 $20
Skill Level: All Levels Technique: Collage & Assemblage
You will leave with… a wonderful tactile canvas that serves as a home decor item.
Description: In this workshop you will create a stunning and unique canvas that will be a wonderful home decor item. Learn how to create dimension and texture with tissue paper, items of daily life, acrylic paint, lace, burlap, and gesso. Learn how to reveal the interesting and eye-catching texture with acrylic paints, art bars and acrylic inks and add some fun stamping techniques on top.
Students Should Bring: Please bring 12 x 12 stretched primed canvas, 5-6 different acrylic paints – colors you like, black acrylic paint, pencil, 2-3 sheets of plain white 12 x 12 cardstock, water jar, brushes in all sizes bristle and round, apron, cosmetic sponges, baby wipes, scissors, black journaling pen, White Gesso (Liquitex) , Matte Gel Medium (Liquitex)

Registration is now open and you can Register here Create Mixed Media Retreat in Somerset, NJ.

Hope I will see some of you there :)

huge hugs






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